Allen R. Pufahl - Portrait


Influenced by the New York artists during the 50’s and 60’s, Allen has developed his work in all media for near 50 years. He received training from Otis Art Institute and the California College of Arts and Crafts. In addition, he worked privately with a protégé of Hans Hofmann for more than four years. Before coming to Maui, he exhibited in art centers on the mainland including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Fe, and Scottsdale. Allen welcomes visits to his Kula studio by appointment.



Painting and sculpting are  passions that burn into your mind and your heart to the point of sleep interruption because you are working on the next piece.  They can be a high or major disappointment and seldom come out the way first visualized.  A disaster?  Not necessarily.  Sometimes working to overcome the problem can develop  better art.  A case in point is the red canvas in the portfolio.  The first effort was painted with an old floor broom coated with red oil paint.  Not a good idea in the first place and after three attempts still not good.  A disaster but the red background color was good and the bad  could be painted out.  Stay with the red and over paint the mess with red.  The 40 x 40 canvas took 19 coats but covered the early three and the result was better than the original.

Another problem arose when the corten steel piece was developing.  A line was cut in the wrong place in error so the design was changed and in the end, it enhanced the sculpture.

It is the passion within you that will lead to overcoming disaster so stay with your work and sometimes, the piece will show you the way if you don’t quit.